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Delicious and nutritious. This is the wheat from which semolina is made.  Ramona Farms Kavk Pilkan (our durum wheat berry) has an "al dente' (chewy) texture when boiled. 


This is No. 1 Premium Hard Amber Desert Durum Wheat. Great Pasta, the berries can be boiled and used in soups or salads.


Durum wheat berries are used by Ramona Farms as an ingredient for delicious `Poshol’ a traditional Pima soup made from tepary beans, wheat, corn and red chilies). These wheat berries retain their unique `al dente’ texture when cooked whole.


Add wheat berries to bean soups to make a nutritious meal rich in amino acids


Try it with Ramona Farms brown tepary beans to make our wholesome and delicious 'poshol'.  Rich in amino acids - one of our favorites!  


10 grams of protein in 1/4 cup

Wheat Berries, Durum 1.5 LB

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