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Mini Grants

The Tohono O’odham Mini Grants Program was created for Native American/ Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs to help assist in business improvement and/ or equipment for their operations. The mini grants give opportunities for hobbyist or startups ideas to take a chance to create a future business.

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During the first year of the Tohono O’odham Mini Grants in 2022, the program received over 50 applications. The committee carefully deliberated each application and selected 13 Native American farmers, gardeners and wild food harvesters and 24 artists, food vendors and other small Native businesses as awardees in the middle of August 2022, or a total of 37 awardees. The total amount of awards was $75,000. Thanks to funding by Native American Agriculture Fund and Freeport McMoRan Native American Foundation. Awardees included Tohono O’odham farmers, a school garden, a hospital garden, and backyard gardeners, plus wild food harvesters, a lemonade stand, a podcast creator, an entertainer and several artists.  

To Apply for Mini Grants

Contact Emily at

Previous Mini Grant Awardees

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